Web hosting – If the page is booming: Upgrading to own server

Web space and traffic volume should therefore be booked sufficiently in advance for a business website the latter should ideally be infinite. A change in a more comprehensive web hosting package should also always be a problem – so much we have already said.

But what if your site is booming and the number of visitors simply no longer cope? The solution is to rent a dedicated server. Therefore you should clarify before entering into a hosting contract, whether the easy way is to move on its own server?

A dedicated server has another significant advantage: Scripts other customers have no influence on the speed and availability of your website.

When you`re hosting a server you also have the choice between different models: the “managed” in managed server means that you will not manage the server itself and must play no update – Once done your hoster for you.

Alternatively, you can also rent a root server/dedicated server, in which you need to give yourself the complete care of the administration. But you need advanced Linux and Apache knowledge, the configuration of PHP and MySQL you must also be familiar in this case.

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